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Remote Transducer Protector from CRITEC® Ensures Lowest Possible Residual Let-Through Voltage

Industrial environments are prone to the dangerous and damaging voltage surges that can be induced onto 4-20mA signal and control circuits. When not kept in check, these transients can cause erroneous system operation or failure leading to capital loss and production downtime. The Remote Transducer Protector (RTP 3034) from CRITEC® uses a hybrid three-stage clamping circuit to protect sensitive transducers from transient currents with minimal added loop resistance. This efficient clamping-circuit technology ensures the lowest possible residual let-through voltage.


The RTP 3034 provides both common- and differential-mode transient protection for two-wire transducers. The high surge rating makes the unit well suited to the protection of exposed 4-20mA industrial loops. 


A ¾-inch stainless-steel nipple housing makes the RTP 3034 suitable for hostile environments. The robust design of the device minimizes the risk of damage due to earth potential rise. A maximum surge rating of 20kA 8/20µs ensures high-level protection and long service life.


To simplify installation, the protection circuit can be removed from the enclosure to connect field wiring to the screw terminals. The RTP 3034 can be installed in a “T” configuration or in line. It supports line currents up to 145mA for protection of 24Vdc powered transducers. The unit comes with a five year limited warranty.


Additional Specifications

Nominal System Voltage Un                                           30V¹   21V~

Max. Continuous Operating Voltage Uc                33V¹   23V~

Max. Line Current IL                                                            145mA

Frequency @ 3dB / 120W                                2MHz

Max. Discharge Current Imax                                        20kA 8/20µs

Protection Modes                                     Common mode, Differential mode

Technology Used                                        3 stage - GDT, MOV, SAD

Voltage Prot. Up @3kA L-L                          44V

Loop Resistance                                            14 ohms


Physical Specifications:

Dimensions (Ø x length)                                   ¾” x 4” (external Ø 11/8” approx.)

Thread                                                             ¾” NPT  (National Pipe Thread - 14 threads/inch)

Weight                                                             0.5lb

Enclosure                                                         304 Stainless Steel

Connections                                                     £2.5mm2 (#14AWG)

Temperature Range                                       -40°C to +65°C

(-40°F to +149°F)

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