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Power Distribution Blocks

ERICO offers an extensive range of distribution blocks for safe and easy connections.

ERICO Power Blocks SB series
The SB Power Blocks range from 80A up to 630A IEC® - 85A up to 545A UL® and offer multiple connection possibilities with one cable, two cables, ERICO® FLEXIBAR and/or IBSB/IBSBR Power Braids.
ERIFLEX® Distribution Blocks
ERICO® offers a wide range of halogen-free, four pole distribution blocks, plus single pole blocks and supports for assembling distribution blocks.
ERIFLEX® Distribution Blocks/Single Pole
ERICO® offers a wide range of single pole distribution blocks, from 80 A to 500 A.
TDL 250/400A Four Pole Distribution Blocks
Four pole distribution blocks feature an improved design with solid bars for greater reliability.
UDF 250A and 500A Single Pole Distribution Blocks
Single pole distribution blocks are compact and modular to allow versatile building of power blocks into single pole, two pole, three pole or four pole systems.