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Need a "portable hole?" No problem - you'll find it here along with many other rod/wire and strap hangers.

CADDY® ROD LOCK Anchor Screw
As part of the CADDY® ROD LOCK system, the anchor screw works with slightly damaged threads and minor burrs on the threaded rod and helps to reduce installation time by up to 35%.
CADDY® ARMOUR Corrosion Protection Coating System
CADDY® ARMOUR is a chrome-free, bi-metallic corrosion protection coating system for steel fasteners.
CADDY® Clips for Threaded Rods
ERICO offers a range of clips for installing services onto threaded rods. For European customers.
CADDY® Deck Hanger and TDHP2 Punch
CADDY® TDH hangers attach fasteners to metal decking. The TDHP2 Decking Hanger Punch can be adjusted from 0.47” to 3.15” and features press-fit ejector springs and a patented transmission mechanism.
CADDY® Deck Hangers For Rods & Wires - Cellular Floor Deck
ERICO offers the CADDY Deck Hangers for Rods and Wires from Cellular Floor Deck (H.H. Robertson or R.C. Mahon)
The CADDY range of EER Clips are for suspending services from roof decking.
The CADDY range of GTD Clips are designed for suspending services, conduits etc from metal decking section (composite floor). For European customers.
CADDY® Hammer-On Plain And Threaded Rod Hangers
CADDY Hammer-On Rod Hangers are available for beam flanges up to 3/4".
CADDY® Rod and Wire Hangers
ERICO offers CADDY Rod and Wire Hangers.
CADDY® Threaded Rod Hanger - For Bar Joists
ERICO offers the CADDY Threaded Rod Hanger for Bar Joists.
The CADDY VKR Clip is used for suspending threaded rod from roof decking. For European customers.
The CADDY WDC Clips are designed for suspending services from shallow metal decking section (composite floor). For European customers.
HangerMate® Threaded Rod Anchoring System
The HangerMate® threaded rod anchoring system is ideal for hanging threaded rod from steel, wood, and concrete.
SN Series Nut
As an accessory to the CADDY® ROD LOCK system, the SN Series Nut reduces the need for threading compared to standard nuts and washers and offers up to 50% installation time savings.
Strap Hanger Clips
ERICO offers CADDY Strap Hanger Clips for support of air duct.