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Ground Rods & Accessories

ERICO is the worldwide leader in offering a range of ground rods and accessories.

ERITECH® Chemical Ground Electrode System
Chemical Ground Electrodes provide a low-impedance ground in locations of high soil resistivity.
ERITECH® Convenient Ground Electrode (CGE) Kits
To alleviate the challenge of installing 8-ft ground rods, the ERITECH Convenient Ground Electrode (CGE) kit contains two copperbonded 4-ft ground rods, a coupling, a drive sleeve and a connector.
ERITECH® Copper-bonded Ground Rods
ERICO® is the world's largest manufacturer of copperbonded ground rods and offers a complete line of rods and accessories to meet the needs of every user.
ERITECH® Galvanized Ground Rods - Asia/Australia
ERICO offers a range of galvanized pointed ground rods and accessories.
ERITECH® Galvanized Ground Rods - Europe
ERICO offers a range of galvanized ground rods and accessories. For European customers.
ERITECH® Galvanized Ground Rods - North & Latin America
ERICO offers a wide range of galvanized ground rods to suit virtually every user's needs.
ERITECH® Ground Rod Accessories - North & Latin America
ERICO provides a range of accessories to complement the ERITECH ground rod product line.
ERITECH® Ground Rod Driver
The ERITECH Ground Rod Driver from ERICO is the safe, simple, effective and affordable way to install ground rods.
ERITECH® Grounding Clamps and Accessories - Asia/Europe
ERICO® provides a range of grounding clamps and accessories to complement the ERITECH® Ground Rods.
The patented ERITECH® HAMMERLOCK provides a high quality grounding connection that is easy to use and fast to install.
ERITECH® Stainless Steel Ground Rods - North & Latin America
The ERITECH range of stainless steel ground rods includes pointed and sectional rods, as well as accessories.
ERITECH® Threadless Couplings for Copperbonded Pointed Rods
ERITECH® threadless compression couplers are easily installed around ground rod splices. For Asian and European customers.
SP58 Stainless Steel Ground Rod Clamp
The SP58 Stainless Steel Ground Rod Clamp conforms around the ground rod and conductor as the bolt is tightened, increasing the conduction area of the connection.