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CADDY® Strut Fasteners

The fastest way to secure strut to structures and mount components to the channel

CADDY Easy Strut Clip ESC
CADDY ESC Easy Strut Clip offers quick and easy snap-in installation on the side of any industry standard strut profile.
CADDY® Beam Clamps for Strut
ERICO offers the CADDY Beam Clamps for Strut.
CADDY® Dual Purpose Strut/Beam Clamps
ERICO offers CADDY Dual Purpose Strut/Beam Clamps, which permit strut channel opening positioning in any direction.
CADDY® ISN Smart Nut and ISSP Strut Plate
The ISSP Strut Plates are ideal for retrofitting a section of strut within an existing trapeze, while the ISN smart nut can be positioned anywhere on a 3/8" threaded rod.
The CADDY MFA Clips are designed for securing threaded rods or bolts directly to strut profiles.
CADDY SLICK Strut Nuts can quickly support threaded rod, pipe hangers/clamps, electrical boxes, panel boxes, bridle rings and many other components.
CADDY® Strut Clip
ERICO offers the CADDY Strut Clip.
CADDY® STS (Strut-to-Strut) Clamp
ERICO introduces the new CADDY STS (Strut-to-Strut) clamp - an alternative to welded strut.
CADDY® Wire Form Strut Clip - LL (Lever Latch) series
CADDY Lever Latch series Wire Form Strut Clips installs using a screwdriver as a lever (no nuts and bolts).
Column Strut Clamps
ERICO offers the CADDY Column Strut Clamps.