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LENTON® Concrete Products

ERICO was a pioneer in the construction industry and manufactures a complete line of rebar splicing systems. Our mechanical rebar splices can provide a better solution than traditional lap splices.

LENTON® Bar to Bar Connections
The LENTON® mechanical rebar splicing system has earned its reputation in the industry as the preferred mechanical connector in the world.
LENTON® FORM SAVER solves the age-old problem of joining rebar in staged construction while protecting your valuable forms from damage.
The LENTON® TERMINATOR is an over-sized end anchor secured to the end of a length of reinforcing steel, creating anchorage within the concrete and reducing congestion.
LENTON® LOCK Mechanical Rebar System
LENTON® LOCK, a new in-situ rebar splice from ERICO®, requires no bar-end preparation. It is ideal for new construction, repair, bent bar or retrofit precast applications.
CADWELD® Rebar Splices
For the most demanding applications, CADWELD® mechanical splicing system has extremely high tensile performance.
LENTON® STEEL FORTRESS Punching Shear Reinforcement System
LENTON® STEEL FORTRESS is a shear reinforcement system that provides a simple, cost effective solution to the complex problem of brittle punching shear.
Market-Specific Solutions
LENTON® provides solutions to a variety of specialized markets and applications including Nuclear, Cryogenic and Masonry.