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LPSD Lightning Protection Design Software

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LPSD is ERICO's proprietary computer-aided design package that is used to design custom protection for structures based on statistical parameters. It optimizes the location of air terminals on a site-by-site basis to provide the most effective lightning protection coverage.

The LPSD Lightning Protection Software Designer enables ERICO engineers to provide the best possible design to various lightning protection standards around the world.


  • Customized design for each project
  • Uses the Rolling Sphere, Cone of Protection and Mesh method for ERITECH® System 2000 designs
  • Uses Collection Volume design principle for ERITECH System 3000
  • Uses NFC17-102 ESE design principle for ERITECH SI systems
  • Protection assured to a specified statistical protection level
  • LPSD provides calculation results, plan and elevation drawings, typical installation drawings, specification and a bill of materials
  • JPEG files of some design views available for inclusion into project proposals
  • All designs performed by skilled designers


Any facility that requires lightning protection would benefit from obtaining a customized LPSD design.  To ensure our designers have all the relevant data when they complete a design, download and fill out the appropriate design request form.

More Information

Our online ERITECH® Lightning Protection Calculator is now available for use!

The online calculator is designed to aid customers in selecting various ERITECH® Lightning Protection products, build a Bill of Materials, request a quotation and view individual product specifications.

To access the calculator, click here.


Due to a policy of continued product development, specifications are subject to change without notice.
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