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LENTON® FORM SAVER solves the age old problem of joining rebar in staged construction while protecting your valuable forms from damage. All LENTON FORM SAVER couplers are supplied pre-assembled to the rebar with mounting plate for attachment to form work and a pressed-in metal disc thread protector, which can be easily removed.


  • Eliminates protruding dowels
  • Mounting plate has keyed holes to ease attachment to form
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of most international codes and standards
  • All couplers are attached to the first pour rebar
  • Taper threads eliminate the problems of cross-threading while providing a precise positive locking splice
  • System uses standard bar diameters
  • Built in thread cover protects internal threads from concrete paste contamination and is easily removed
  • Product Performance

    LENTON FORM SAVER couplers are designed to meet or exceed:


    ACI® 318 Type 1 (125% Specified Yield)

    ACI 318 Type 2 (Specified Ultimate)

    BS EN1992-1-1

    Caltrans Service

    DIN EN 1992-1-1

    IBC® Type 1 & 2

    NEN-EN 1992-1-1

    NF A 35-020-1

    US Army Corps of Engineers

    Contact ERICO for specifications not listed


LENTON FORM SAVERS are ideal for slip form, jump form, segmental pour and stair well applications.  They can be used to eliminate a wide variety of construction related issues:

  • Pour Breaks/Construction Joints
  • Slab Penetrations
  • Stairwells
  • Tower Crane Openings
  • Future Extensions
  • Dangerous Starter Bars
  • Pile Extensions (cut offs)
  • Beam to Columns
  • Floor Slabs to Core Walls (block outs)

More Information

How to Specify

By Name:
Mechanical connections shall be LENTON taper threaded couplers as manufactured by ERICO.


By Generic Description:
The mechanical connection shall meet building code requirements of developing in tension or compression, as required, by * . The mechanical connection shall be the positive locking, taper threaded type coupler manufactured from high quality steel. The bar ends must be taper threaded using the manufacturer’s requirements. The couplers shall be manufactured using registered quality systems around the world.


* as required by local standards/codes

Order Information - USA


Regional Manufacturing Centers - USA
LENTON FORM SAVER is available from 5 Regional Manufacturing Centers (RMC's) strategically placed in the USA for your convenience. Download the PDF file at left to locate the closest RMC to you.

Download the quotation form, fill it in and send it back to your nearest Regional Manufacturing Center location for a quote on the LENTON FORM SAVERS you need for your next project.
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Due to a policy of continued product development, specifications are subject to change without notice.
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