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Within Wall Mounting Plate (MP1WWM)

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Traditional methods for installing low-voltage cable, phone and data lines can cause a variety of problems, including unsightly gaps between the faceplate and mounting plate. Or, if the mounting plate is not secure, excess movement can damage the cable or cause the faceplate to detach from the wall. Due to its unique ‘Within Wall’ mount, the MP1WWM helps eliminate these problems by providing an increased level of stability and protection for low-voltage installations.

Brightly colored yellow markers indicate when it’s correctly installed and convenient marking dimples are used to indent the drywall and identify the exact box size to cut out. After slipping the mounting plate into the hole, it can be easily pulled into position using a tether on the center of the plate.

Securing pins on either side of the plate can be pressed into the drywall to lock the plate into place and prevent it from moving. These innovative pins also keep the plate in place when the faceplate is attached, creating a more secure installation. The MP1WWM is cULus® Pending and patent pending.


  • Designed to eliminates gaps between the wall and faceplate
  • Highly visible yellow material helps prevent incorrect installation
  • Template dimples on the bracket provide measurement markings for simplified installation
  • Securing pins lock the plate into the drywall
  • Convenient removable tether assists with positioning
  • cULus® Pending
  • Patent pending


The MP1WWM Within Wall Mounting Plate is designed to eliminate gaps between the wall and faceplate for installation of low-voltage cable, phone, security and data lines.

More Information

Insert mounting
plate into the wall

Pull mounting
plate into drywall

No gaps;
Secure fit

Part Number Description Standard Packaging Quantity
MP1WWM Within Wall Mounting Plate 100

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