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Hammer-On Flange Clip, Bottom Mount with Retainer


  • Pre-riveted retainer strap is easily bent into position
  • Requires only a hammer to install
  • 4WN washer wing nut included


Material: Spring Steel
Finish: nVent CADDY Armour
Part Number Flange ThicknessFT Strap Length Screw DiameterSc Screw LengthL Static LoadF
CM24S 1/8" – 1/4" 8.5" 1/4" 9/16" 75 lb
CM58S 5/16" – 1/2" 13.0" 1/4" 9/16" 75 lb
CM912S 9/16" – 3/4" 13.0" 1/4" 9/16" 75 lb

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