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Seismic Lighting Fixture Clamp


  • Secures fluorescent light fixtures to the ceiling frame members
  • Requires no additional chains, cables or slack wires attached to the fixture
  • Helps strengthen integrity of the T-Grid system
  • Holds in place against the force of standard fire-hose pressure
  • Meets U.S. building code and electrical code specifications
  • Also satisfies NEC® 410.16(C) positive attachment for secure fastening of luminaires (fixtures) complying with Building Code Reference AC184
  • Reusable and cost effective


Material: Steel
Finish: Plain
Part Number Fixture Configuration Standard Packaging Quantity
SFCLT One Standard Tapered 2' x 4' Fixture 25 x 4 pc
SFCLTCF One 2' x 2' Fixture 50 x 2 pc
SFCLTCFS Reinforcement of T-Bar Main Runner/Cross Runner Connections 50 x 2 pc
SFCLTE Two Standard Tapered 2’ x 4’ Fixtures End-to-End 25 x 2 pc
SFCLTS Two Standard Tapered 2’ x 4’ Fixtures Side-by-Side 25 x 2 pc
Tested for compliance to the UBC, NEC®, NBC, and CEC.

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