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CADDY CAT HP Components

CADDY CAT HP components offer a high-performance J-Hook solution with interchangeable fasteners and support brackets. The components can be used to link together multiple J-Hooks to meet specific jobsite cable support requirements. CADDY CAT HP components are ideal for projects that require flexibility to adapt cable pathways or avoid other building services or structures on the jobsite, or when it is necessary to add additional cable support pathways. The system is quick to install, easy to use and compatible with a wide variety of CADDY fasteners.


  • Available with a wide range of fastener, fixing, and support brackets
  • Requires no screws, rivets or special tools for assembly
  • J-Hooks feature bendable locking tabs that lock on to CADDY CAT HP components to provide rigidity and stability
  • Link to J-Hooks in one of multiple color options to aid in pathway identification and organization
  • Customized J-Hook trees can be easily assembled with various J-Hook sizes, colors and configurations

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