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nVent CADDY Pyramid ST Strut-Based Supports

nVent CADDY Pyramid ST Strut-Based Supports offer an ideal solution for mounting electrical and mechanical applications to strut. Superior load distribution and a low abrasion foam interface combine to ensure that the roof membrane is protected despite varying roof surfaces and shifting caused by expansion and contraction.


  • Provides superior load distribution, even with varying rooftop surfaces
  • Ready to use out of the box, saving installation time and labor
  • Compatible with roof surfaces including single ply, bituminous, metal and spray foam
  • Foam bottom offers low abrasion interface for better roof membrane protection
  • Hot-dip galvanized and UV stabilized for long lasting performance
  • Supports green building requirements; thermoplastic bases are made from recycled material and can contribute to earning LEED credits
nVent CADDY Pyramid ST Fixed Strut Support
Provides a fixed-height mounting platform 4.8" or 6.4" (122 mm or 164 mm) off the roof surface with 6", 10", or 16" (152 mm, 254 mm, or 406 mm) of usable strut length.
nVent CADDY Pyramid ST Adjustable Strut Support
Allows elevation changes of up to 18" (457 mm) off the roof surface with 10" or 16" (254 mm or 406 mm) of usable strut length.

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