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nVent LENTON Quick Wedge Mechanical Lap Splicing System

nVent LENTON Quick Wedge is a simple and quick alternative for joining small diameter reinforcing steel bars (rebar). The splice consists of an oval-shaped steel sleeve and a wedge pin. Installation is made in seconds by overlapping bars in the steel sleeve and driving the wedge pin between the bars with a portable hydraulic hand tool. Typical applications include bridge repair, road repair, building extensions, spiral reinforcement, stirrups and ties, and pile extensions.


  • Minimizes length of exposed reinforcing bar (rebar) - eliminates excessive concrete chipping in retrofit installations
  • No special bar end treatment required
  • Bars can be cut to the approximate size spanning between the reinforcing bar being joined
  • In-situ splicing with minimum dowel length requirement
  • Low cost
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Visual inspection possible
  • Connections can be made in virtually any weather
  • Lightweight hand-held hydraulic pin driver designed for minimum clearance situations

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