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nVent LENTON Taper-Threaded Splicing Systems

nVent LENTON taper-threaded splicing systems provide a positive locking connection and structural integrity in reinforced concrete construction. nVent LENTON spliced bars behave as continuous lengths of reinforcing steel bars by providing “full strength” in tension, compression and stress reversal applications. The nVent LENTON self-aligning, taper-threaded design provides for ease of installation, consistent performance and durability. It also develops higher tensile strength than lap splicing and provides for full load transfer with some of the slimmest and shortest couplers possible.


  • Small diameter reduces concrete cover and eliminates reinforcing steel bar (rebar) congestion
  • Tapered thread helps prevent cross-threading and provides a positive locking, no-slip connection
  • For use on most international grades and types of reinforcing steel bar (rebar)
  • Installs quickly, taking approximately four and one-half turns to engage
  • No special tools or skills required

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