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Rail Transient Barrier


  • Efficient clamping circuit technology helps ensure the lowest possible residual let-through voltage
  • Offers over-voltage and self-resetting over-current protection
  • 20 kA 8/20 μs maximum surge rating helps ensure high level protection and long service life
  • Compact design fits into DIN distribution panel boards and motor control centers


Part Number RTB12S3 RTB30S3 RTB50S2 RTB60S1 RTB130S2
Nominal System Voltage (Un) 12 VDC
30 VDC
21 VAC
50 VDC
35 VAC
60 VDC
43 VAC
130 VDC
110 VAC
Max Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc) 18 VDC
12 VAC
33 VDC
23 VAC
65 VDC
50 VAC
85 VDC
60 VAC
170 VDC
130 VAC
Max Discharge Current (Imax) 20 kA 8/20 μs
Rated Load Current (IL) 1.5 A 3.0 A 10.0 A 3.0 A
Voltage Protection Rating (VPR) 25.0 V @ 3 kA L-L 40.0 V @ 3 kA L-L 200.0 V @ 3 kA L-L 240.0 V @ 3 kA L-L 400.0 V @ 3 kA L-L
Inductance 188 µH 40 µH 40 µH
Loop Resistance 0.8 Ω 0.4 Ω 0.1 Ω 0.4 Ω
Mounting 35 mm top hat DIN rail
Protection Modes Common
Connection, Solid #18 – #10
Connection, Stranded #18 – #10
Enclosure Material UL® 94V-0 Thermoplastic
Enclosure Rating IP 20
Temperature -40 to 176 °F
Depth (D) 2.68"
Height (H) 3.54"
Width (W) 0.71"
Unit Weight 0.24 lb
Complies With ANSI®/IEEE® C62.41.2-2002 Cat A, Cat B, Cat C
Replacement Module RTB12S3M RTB30S3M RTB50S2M RTB60S1M

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