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Remote Transmitter Protector


  • Three stage protection and fine over-voltage protection helps ensure lowest residual surge voltage reaches sensitive equipment
  • Flexible installation allows enclosure to be installed “dead ended”, “T” configured or in-line
  • Optimized for protection of 2-wire industrial 4-20mA loops and suitable for exposed locations
  • Supports line currents up to 145mA and protects 24VDC powered equipment


Part Number RTP3034
Nominal System Voltage (Un) 21 VAC
30 VDC
Max Continuous Operating Voltage (Uc) 23 VAC
33 VDC
Voltage Protection Level (Up), L-L 44 V @ 3 kA
Max Discharge Current (Imax), L+L-PE 20 kA 8/20 μs
Rated Load Current (IL) 145 mA
Loop Resistance 14 Ω
Protection Modes Common
Technology Gas Discharge Tube (GDT)
Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)
Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD)
Enclosure Material Stainless Steel
Enclosure Rating IP 55
Temperature -40 to 149 °F
Thread Size (TS) 3/4 NPT
Diameter (Ø) 1.38"
Height (H) 5"
Designed to Meet ANSI®/IEEE® C62.41.2-2002 Cat A, Cat B, Cat C

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