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nVent ERICO Ericore Insulated Conductors

nVent ERICO Ericore downconductor provides an insulated low impedance path from the air termination to the ground system so that the lightning current can be conducted to earth without the development of excessively large voltages. In order to reduce the possibility of dangerous sparking (side-flashing), the downconductor route(s) should be as direct as possible with no sharp bends or stress points where the inductance, and hence impedance, is increased under impulse conditions. The nVent ERICO Ericore downconductor evolved after extensive studies of potential voltage rise in structures due to lightning injection. This cable is comprised of carefully selected dielectric materials, which create capacitive balance and help ensure insulation integrity under high impulse conditions. The unique ability of nVent ERICO Ericore to confine a discharge current and simultaneously support electrical bonding helps ensure minimal risk to building, occupants and sensitive electronics.

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