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nVent CADDY Pyramid ST Fixed Strut Support


  • Provides superior support for pipe, conduit, duct, cable tray and equipment
  • Foam bottom offers low abrasion interface for better roof membrane protection
  • Compatible with roof surfaces including single ply, bituminous, metal and spray foam
  • Provides superior load distribution, even with varying rooftop surfaces
  • Ready to use out of the box, saving installation time and labor
  • Multiple sizes and load ratings offer the ability to tailor the solution to the application
  • Easy to transport to the roof
  • Hot-dip galvanized and UV stabilized for long lasting performance
  • Supports green building requirements; thermoplastic bases are made from recycled material and can contribute to earning LEED credits


Material: Polyethylene; Polypropylene; Steel
Finish: Hot-Dip Galvanized
Temperature: -50 to 150 °F
Static Load Safety Factor: 3:1
Part Number Length 1L1 Length 2L2 HeightH WidthW Surface Area Unit Weight Static LoadF
PSF6C 6" 8" 4.8" 6" 41 in² 1 lb 300 lb
PSF10C 10" 12 1/2" 4.8" 8" 92 in² 2 lb 1,000 lb
PSF10D 10" 12 1/2" 6.4" 8" 92 in² 3 lb 1,000 lb
PSF16C 16" 19" 4.8" 8" 142 in² 3 lb 1,500 lb
PSF16D 16" 19" 6.4" 8" 142 in² 5 lb 1,500 lb
Static load at 73.1 kPa (10.6 psi) roof loading. Contact project or roofing engineer for maximum allowable load on individual project roof system.

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