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BAC Breakaway Bar Thread Protector Cap

Breakaway Bar Thread Protector Caps are typically used in masonry applications. The caps are placed onto previously installed nVent LENTON threaded reinforcing steel bars to keep dirt and concrete off of the threads while stacking masonry blocks. The caps are serrated to allow them to easily break away when installing subsequent reinforcing steel with couplers attached.


  • Color coded for the appropriate coupler size
  • Easy to install
  • Easily breaks with minimal pressure


Part Number Rebar Size, Metric Rebar Size, US Rebar Size, Canada DiameterØ LengthL Color
EL12BAC 12 mm #4 10M 0.88" 1.15" Red
EL16BAC 16 mm #5 15M 1.00" 1.45" Black
EL20BAC 20 mm #6 20M 1.13" 1.75" Yellow
EL22BAC 22 mm #7 1.25" 1.85" Blue
EL25BAC 25 mm #8 25M 1.38" 1.95" Red

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