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CFFP Tapered Plastic Screw-In Plug for A12 Couplers

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  • Designed for use with the A12 coupler families
  • Designed to keep dirt, water and concrete slurry out of the coupler during the concrete pour
  • Durable mounting plates allow for easy attachment to forms
  • Color coded for the appropriate coupler size


Material: Polyethylene
Part Number Rebar Size, Metric Rebar Size, US Rebar Size, Canada DiameterØ HeightH Color
EL12CFFP 12 mm #4 10M 2.32" 0.89" Red
EL14CFFP 14 mm 2.32" 0.89" Green
EL16CFFP 16 mm #5 15M 2.32" 0.89" Black
EL20CFFP 20 mm #6 20M 2.32" 0.89" Yellow
EL25CFFP 25 mm #8 25M 2.32" 0.89" Red
EL28CFFP 28 mm #9 30M 2.32" 0.89" Black
EL12CFFP and EL16CFFP can also be used on the A2 coupler families.

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