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C12SW Side Weldable Half-Coupler, Round


  • Designed for connecting reinforcing bar parallel to structural steel sections or plates
  • Round coupler allows the positioning of bent or hooked bar prior to welding
  • Machined from weldable grades of steel


Material: Steel
Finish: Plain
Part Number Rebar Size, Metric Rebar Size, US Rebar Size, Canada DiameterØ LengthL Bar DepthBD Unit Weight
EL16C12SWSP01 16 mm #5 15M 1.00" 3.15" 0.96" 0.60 lb
EL20C12SWSP01 20 mm #6 20M 1.25" 3.94" 1.37" 1.00 lb
EL25C12SWSP01 25 mm #8 25M 1.38" 4.33" 1.57" 2.00 lb
EL32C12SWSP01 32 mm #10 1.75" 4.72" 1.78" 3.40 lb
EL36C12SWSP01 36 mm #11 35M 2.00" 5.51" 1.68" 3.88 lb
EL40C12SWSP01 40 mm 2.13" 5.91" 2.25" 5.90 lb
Designed to Meet
AASHTO, ABNT NBR 8548:1984, ACI 318 Type 1 (125% Specified Yield), ACI 318 Type 2 (Specified Ultimate), ACI 349, ACI 359, AS3600, CAN/CSA - N287.2/.3/.4, IBC Type 1 (125% Specified Yield), IBC Type 2 (Specified Ultimate), US Army Corps of Engineers
Bar dimensions and weights listed may vary by region. Coupler sizes not shown may be available by special order. Contact your nVent LENTON representative for more information.
The design of the weld, the selection of electrode, and other relevant choices depend on the chemical and physical properties of the structural steel to which the couplers are welded. Engineers who design assemblies should adhere to all appropriate regulations.

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