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Reinforcing Steel Cleaning Brush

The reinforcing steel cleaning brush is used to prepare reinforcing steel for use with nVent LENTON Cadweld. The brush is designed to remove rust, mill scale, dirt and paint in as little as five seconds.


  • Designed for use with a 3/4", heavy duty, low-speed drill (200-350 rpm)
  • Cleans reinforcing steel bar, including the bar end


Material: Steel
Part Number Rebar Size, Metric Rebar Size, US Rebar Size, Canada DiameterØ LengthL
RBW34311 36 mm #11 35M 4.5" 9.63"
RBW34314 43 mm #14 45M 5.0" 7.13"
RBW34318 57 mm #18 55M 5.0" 8.13"
Prior to installation, please read and understand all of the detailed instructions and safety notices provided in the nVent LENTON Cadweld Rebar Splicing System instruction manual.
Brushes must be kept free of grease, oil and other contaminants that could evolve gas and cause porosity in the filler material.
Do not reverse the cleaning brush while it is engaged with the reinforcing steel bar.
Eye protection should be used when using power-driven cleaning brushes.

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