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Crucible Extension

The crucible extension is a cylindrical steel tube that extends the graphite crucible, allows for gas expansion and retains the molten filler material. The crucible extension helps ensure containment of the exothermic reaction.


  • Durable, re-usable and long lasting
  • Easily replaced if damaged


Material: Steel
Part Number LengthL Height 1H1 Height 2H2 DiameterØ
RBS36874 5.5" 4.5" 3.94" 3.83"
RBS36875 5.5" 4.5" 3.94" 4.83"
RBS36876 5.5" 6.0" 5.44" 5.58"
RBS36877 5.5" 6.0" 5.44" 6.58"
Prior to installation, please read and understand all of the detailed instructions and safety notices provided in the nVent LENTON Cadweld Rebar Splicing System Instruction Manual.

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