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Filler Material

The nVent LENTON Cadweld filler material is a proprietary blend of iron and aluminum. Each bag of filler material is sized for a specific pouring basin, sleeve and reinforcing steel combination and contains a tube of starting powder used to initiate the exothermic reaction.


  • Non-explosive
  • Not subject to spontaneous ignition
  • Supplied in heavy-duty plastic bags


Part Number Unit Weight
RBF15 0.4 lb
RBF30 0.9 lb
RBF40 1.4 lb
RBF50 1.8 lb
RBF55 1.9 lb
RBF70 2.2 lb
RBF80 2.7 lb
RBF90 3.0 lb
RBF105 3.9 lb
RBF125 4.6 lb
RBF150 5.2 lb
RBF180 5.8 lb
RBF195 6.1 lb
RBF210 6.6 lb
RBF220 6.9 lb
RBF240 7.5 lb
RBF270 8.0 lb
RBF290 8.4 lb
RBF1000A 22.0 lb
Prior to installation, please read and understand all of the detailed instructions and safety notices provided in the nVent LENTON Cadweld Rebar Splicing System Instruction Manual.

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