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EC16 Earthing/Grounding Connector


  • Very compact clamp for connecting cable conductors to earthing busbar without drilling
  • Conductor is clamped with a pressure plate
  • Clamps can be mounted and slid into position on busbar prior to connecting conductors
  • Connections can be added after busbar has been mounted
  • Single screw locks clamp and makes connection
  • EAC compliant
  • RoHS compliant


Finish: Electrogalvanized
Material: Steel
Part Number Article Number Conductor Size Busbar Thickness Busbar Width DepthD WidthW A Unit Weight
EC16-4 553460 16 mm² Stranded 0.16" 0.47" 0.59" 0.59" 0.86" 0.022 lb
EC16-5 553480 16 mm² Stranded 0.20" 0.47" 0.59" 0.55" 0.86" 0.022 lb

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