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Inspection Housing, Seal Kit


  • Prevents the ingress of ground water into and surrounding the inspection housing
  • Waterproofing is achieved by enclosing an upper section of copper-bonded ground rod within a plastic pipe with seals located on both sides of the concrete pour
  • The two plate-style flange serves to reduce pressure, which may occur from the capillary effect of water on the outside of the seal and inspection housing
  • The flanges are intended to prevent water pressure from "popping" the inspection pit out of the concrete
  • Delivered as a kit, including a 3.9 foot (1.2 meter) PVC pipe, to be adjusted to site conditions


Material: Thermoplastic
Part Number LengthL WidthW DepthD A DiameterØ Water Pressure Working LoadF Unit Weight
WGRS200 9.7" 9.7" 4.6' 8.2" 13.8" 80 psi Max 13,227 lb 9.5 lb

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