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nVent CADDY Pyramid Crossovers and Walkways

The nVent CADDY Pyramid Crossovers portfolio includes ladders, towers, bridges and platforms that can be combined to provide a safe and clear rooftop walkway. Individual pieces can be easily assembled to meet custom application needs. Superior load distribution and a low abrasion foam interface combine to ensure that the roof membrane is protected despite varying roof surfaces and shifting caused by expansion and contraction.


  • Aluminum construction designed to withstand harsh environments
  • Walking surfaces with serrated tread provides maximum slip resistance and drainage
  • Modular design allows for easily configurable heights and lengths to address varying applications
  • Stairs, platform and ladders are easily assembled yielding labor-saving, quick installations and level adjustments
  • Interchangeable standard components for flexibility while providing safe access over piping, duct, equipment or other utilities on a roof surface
  • Compliant with OSHA, Cal/OSHA and ANSI® standards
nVent CADDY Pyramid Crossover Ladder, 50°
Ladders at a 50° angle ranging from two steps with a height of 20” to six steps with a height of 60”.
nVent CADDY Pyramid Crossover Ladder, 90°
Ladders at a 90° angle ranging in height from 20” to 60”.
nVent CADDY Pyramid Crossover Support Tower
Supports for walkway systems ranging in height from 20” to 60”.
nVent CADDY Pyramid Crossover Bridge
Bridge span with handrails connects easily in series and to nVent CADDY Pyramid Crossover Ladders to provide an effective walkway.
nVent CADDY Pyramid Crossover Bridge Turn Kit
Provides supports, pathway and handrails to make a 90° turn at heights ranging from 20” to 60”.
nVent CADDY Pyramid Crossover Guardrail Kit
Provides extra handrails for creating custom configurations.
nVent CADDY Pyramid Crossover Platform
Provides four height adjustable legs and the ability to interlock sections for customizability.

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