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Grommets are used in conjunction with the LK810 form mounting kit. These grommets are used to secure the nVent LENTON Interlok couplers in repeatable locations in the formwork. Once a coupler is placed over a grommet, the form mounting kit bolt is tightened, which expands the outside diameter of the grommet, thus holding the coupler on location.


  • Color coded for the appropriate coupler size
  • Durable and reusable


Material: Polyester Urethane
Part Number Diameter 1Ø1 Diameter 2Ø2 LengthL For Use With Color Unit Weight
LK316A 1.56" 0.77" 2.00" LK16 Black 0.1 lb
LK320A 1.69" 0.77" 2.00" LK20 Yellow 0.1 lb
LK307A 1.81" 0.77" 2.06" LK5, LK6, LK7 Blue 0.2 lb
LK308A 1.93" 0.77" 2.06" LK8 Red 0.2 lb
LK309A 2.06" 0.77" 2.06" LK9 Black 0.3 lb
LK310A 2.25" 0.77" 2.06" LK10 Yellow 0.3 lb
LK311A 2.38" 0.77" 2.06" LK11 Blue 0.3 lb
LK314A 2.63" 0.77" 2.06" LK12, LK40, LKT14 Red 0.5 lb
LK318A 3.25" 0.77" 2.06" LKT18, LKT50 Black 1.1 lb
Prior to installation, please read and understand the detailed instructions and safety notices provided in the nVent LENTON Interlok Instruction Manual.

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