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LENTON LOCK Replacement Cone Point Bolt

Bolts are included in the purchase of LENTON LOCK couplers. Replacement bolts are made available as a convenience should any get lost on the jobsite. Bolts are not interchangeable, please see chart below for appropriate bolt part numbers.


  • Installs quickly and easily using simple hand tools
  • Bolt heads shear off when appropriate bolt torque is achieved
  • Coated and plain couplers use the same bolt


Material: Steel
Part Number LENTON LOCK B-Series Bolted Coupler LENTON LOCK S-Series Bolted Coupler LengthL Socket WidthSW
LL12BCPS1DPKG LL12B1 LL12S1 0.87" 1/2"
LL16BCPS1DPKG LL16B1 LL16S1 0.94" 1/2"
LL20BCPS1DPKG LL20B1 LL20S1 1.06" 1/2"
LL22BCPS1DPKG LL22B1 LL22S1 1.10" 5/8"
LL25BCPS1DPKG LL25B1 LL25S1 1.30" 5/8"
LL28BCPS1DPKG LL28B1 LL28S1 1.30" 5/8"
LL32BCPS1ADPKG LL32S1 1.54" 13/16"
LL32BCPS1DPKG LL32B1 1.57" 13/16"
LL36BCPS1DPKG LL36B1 LL36S1 1.54" 13/16"
LL40BCPS1DPKG LL40B1 1.77" 13/16"
LL43BCPS1ADPKG LL43S1 1.93" 13/16"
LL43BCPS1DPKG LL43B1 1.93" 1"
LL57BCPS1DPKG LL57B1 LL57S1 2.48" 1"
Some LENTON LOCK Bolted Couplers may not be available in all regions.
Bolt length may vary after the bolt heads are sheared off. Bolt heads are not required to be removed as long as the appropriate bolt torque is achieved.
When using an air impact wrench, check the air pressure, torque rating and air flow requirements before starting installations. It is recommended to use an impact wrench rated 2X the bolt torque. Contact LENTON for additional tool recommendations.
Refer to complete installation instructions provided with the product or available at erico.pentair.com prior to commencing installation.

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