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nVent ERICO Protection Device, EPD100P Series

nVent ERICO is a world leader in grounding, bonding, surge and lightning protection in the railway industry offering an extensive line of wayside surge protection. The EPD100P Series provides a DIN rail mounting terminal block with a plug-in type surge protection module. The plug-in surge module provides transient protection from surges induced or conducted onto low-voltage signal circuits for trackside signaling equipment. The EPD100P DIN rail mounting base is designed specifically to suit the demands and common practices of wayside rail signaling applications. Defining features such as the binding post terminations and integrated disconnect ensure the design conforms to AREMA standards and established maintenance practices. A key feature is the DIN rail coupler which serves to mount the device while simultaneously creating a low-impedance path to ground. Wayside rail-industry electronic-equipment environments are prone to dangerous and damaging voltage surges and transients. In order to protection against surges and transients, the EPD100P Series utilizes the same proven hybrid design employed in the EPD F-Series. This hybrid surge protection technology diverts surge currents to minimize the likelihood of system damage, reduce system down time, and minimize repair costs. nVent ERICOs surge module design safeguards the devices against shorts, provides status indication at a glance and ensures uninterrupted signal operation when the device reaches end of life.

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