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Conductor Insulation Stripping Tool


  • Provides precision stripping without damaging the conductor or inner insulation
  • Strips quickly, even in cold climates
  • Guarded cutting blades ensure safety
  • SBRTLW418 strips the inner orange colored insulation from the three conductors with 4/64” insulation, without harming the inner conductors or disturbing the clear protective wrap and silicone water stop material surrounding the conductors
  • SBRTRR418 strips the outer insulation only


Material: Aluminum; Steel
Length: 4 3/4"
Part Number Bushing A
SBRTLW418 3/16" Bondstrand, 4/64" Insulation
SBRTRR418 0.75" Bondstrand, 0.175" Insulation

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Instruction Sheets

Cable Stripping Tool
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