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BD Crimp and Drill Tool


  • For crimping and drilling of braid terminals
  • Use with FRCB Flat Braid in Coil, Plain Copper and FTCB Flat Braid in Coil, Tinned Copper
  • Includes guide and drill bit


Part Number Article Number Cross Section Drill Bit Diameter Screw Diameter Unit Weight
BD16 558610 31.57 kcmil 6.5 mm M6 1.44 lb
BD16-8 558640 31.57 kcmil 8.5 mm M8 1.44 lb
BD25 558620 49.30 kcmil 11.0 mm M10 1.49 lb
BD50 558630 98.68 kcmil 12.5 mm M12 1.57 lb

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