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FSSB Flat Braid in Coil, Stainless Steel


  • High-quality durable stainless steel 316L provides superior abrasion, corrosion, chemical, and UV resistance for outdoor and corrosive applications
  • Non-magnetic material
  • Duribility of product lengthens cycle time between maintainance


Material: Stainless Steel 316L (EN 1.4404)
Part Number Article Number Cross Section Wire Diameter Length Thickness Width Unit Weight
FSSB25-16 557160 31.57 kcmil 0.01" 82' 0.06" 0.6" 0.30 lb
FSSB25-25 557170 49.34 kcmil 0.01" 82' 0.06" 0.9" 0.49 lb
FSSB25-50 557390 98.68 kcmil 0.01" 82' 0.12" 1.2" 0.97 lb
Unit weight is per meter (3.28').

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