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Theft Deterrent Grounding Busbars

Copper theft continues to threaten the safety and functionality of wireless telecommunications sites. Ground bars, conductors and cables are often targeted by thieves, leaving behind a compromised system which is vulnerable to equipment damage and potential downtime. This proven system provides the low-impedance grounding required at telecommunications sites, and eliminates the copper components typically targeted by thieves.

The Theft Deterrent Ground Assembly (TDSGA) is a unique and cost-effective alternative to using conventional copper bus bars in telecommunications grounding systems. The TDSGA system can be used in place of traditional copper bus bars at all transmission line grounding locations on the tower or in place of external bus bars located at the cable entry ports. Once installed, the TDSGA discourages copper theft, helps minimize potential differences, limits voltages caused by lightning and provides a path to ground for transient surges.

Tinned copper components provide a low-impedance path to ground while minimizing exposed copper.


  • Cost-effective alternative to conventional busbars in a grounding system
  • Minimizes exposed copper (busbar and down lead)
  • Designed to minimize voltage potential differences at the tower

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