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LENTON LOCK Shear Bolt Splicing System

LENTON LOCK is an in-situ reinforcing steel bar splice that requires no bar end preparation. It is ideal for new construction, repair or retrofit applications. LENTON LOCK features gripping technology that provides for the development of full reinforcing bar (rebar) strength and improved overall structural integrity in tension, compression, stress-reversal and dynamic applications. LENTON LOCK is designed for use in column splicing, bridge applications, piling, splicing to protruding dowels cast in concrete, closure pours, beams, and other demanding splicing applications.


  • Designed to meet or exceed international building code and Department of Transportation requirements
  • Requires no bar end preparation
  • Provides superior fatigue performance
  • Performs like a continuous piece of bar
  • Installs quickly and easily using simple hand tools
  • Works with a variety of international reinforcing bar grades and sizes

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