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Mechanical Anchors Including LENTON TERMINATOR

Mechanical anchors, often called headed bars, are secured to the end of a length of reinforcing steel bar (rebar), creating anchorage within the concrete. This approach greatly simplifies reinforcing bar placement and reduces congestion. Headed bars are often used as a replacement for hooked bars. Pentair provides a variety of headed bar solutions including the LENTON TERMINATOR. The LENTON TERMINATOR incorporates the time-tested and field-proven LENTON tapered thread to attach the “head” to the reinforcing bar.

Typical applications for LENTON TERMINATOR include beam to column, roof to column, piles to caisson, and future extensions. LENTON TERMINATOR is ideal for all forms of construction including dams, subways, bridges, high rise buildings, water treatment plants and stadiums.


  • Eliminates reinforcing bar hooks - simplifies bar placement
  • Minimizes embedment lengths - reduces congestion
  • Simplifies concrete placement
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Fast installation lowers placing costs
  • Allows for future extensions and simplifies expansion
  • No special training is required

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