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Compression Straight Lug, Bimetalic


  • Attaches aluminum cable to the rail web
  • Designed for electrical current carrying connections to rails
  • Permanent aluminium to copper assembly (press-forming), protected from corrosion using high quality inhibitor (green resin applied on edge of copper insert) applied during manufacturing stage
  • For connections of aluminium cables to DIN 48201, part 1
  • For round stranded and pre-rounded, sector-shaped conductors
  • Markings help ensure correct crimping


Material: Aluminum; Copper
Part Number Article Number Conductor Size Hole SizeHS LengthL WidthW Tool/Die Type
ALCUKS18512 717010 185 mm² Stranded, 350 kcmil Stranded 0.51" 4.2" 1.6" M2M or M2H/RKM2, M3H or M3B/RKM3, MLB/RKML
ALCUKS24012 717015 240 mm² Stranded, 500 kcmil Stranded 0.51" 4.6" 1.7" M2M or M2H/RKM2, M3H or M3B/RKM3, MLB/RKML

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