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Drill Test Gauge


  • Enables easy installation of the mandrel into the head of the hydraulic insertion tool
  • Ensures hole calibration is correct before insertion of nVent ERICO Ericontact
  • TESTGAUSKDSK comes supplied with HSKE and ASKE Insertion Tools


Material: Steel
Part Number Article Number LengthL WidthW Diameter 1Ø1 Diameter 2Ø2
TESTGAUGE135 716541 2.36" 0.20" 0.53" 0.55"
TESTGAUSK8 716540 2.36" 0.16" 0.31" 0.34"
TESTGAUSKDSK 715645 2.36" 0.20" 0.75" 0.77"

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