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Rail Insulated Joint Slotting Tool

Insulated rail joints (IRJs) are an important part of a railway signal control system. Failure of an IRJ is a significant safety issue. As such, railway infrastructure owners take extreme care in maintaining IRJs in good condition. Railhead metal flow/fatigue is one failure mode that occurs. The effect of this metal flow is contact between the two rails resulting in critical electrical isolation failure.

To efficiently and safely maintain insulated rail joints to perform as required, the use of a rail insulated joint slotting tool is recommended to effectively clear away any metal flow.


  • Ruggedly built
  • Simple, one-man operation is easy and safe
  • Allows for quick and easy broach change-out
  • Manual Operation: 15/16” 6-point socket with a ratcheting hand tool (included)
  • Powered Operation: 15/16” 6-point socket with drill machine attachment (included) and an 18V/20V cordless drill machine (not included)
  • The key-way broach maintains the proper distance of the end post gap, minimizing joint fatigue and does not produce sparks or small fines that could bridge the end post
  • Delivered as a kit in a convenient plastic carry-case designed with specific molded foam compartments for each of the components


Part Number Width 1W1 Width 2W2 Width 3W3 DepthD HeightH
IJS100 3 3/4" 7 1/2" 16" 8" 12 1/4"
The rail insulated joint slotting tool applies to perpendicular (90° to rail face) insulated joints only.
Kit includes: (1) slotter, (1) adjustment wrench, (2) installation sockets, (2) power drill sockets, (1) broach, and (1) instruction sheet.

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