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Conductor Insulation Stripping Tool Replacement Bushing


  • Suitable for conductor insulation stripping tools
  • Easy replacement operation; changes easily with hex wrench supplied with conductor insulation stripping tools
  • Provides precision stripping with no conductor damage
  • Strips quickly, even in cold climates
  • Guarded cutting blades ensure safety


Material: Aluminum; Steel
Part Number Bushing A LengthL
SBRT1034048 3/16" Bondstrand, 4/64" Insulation 2"
SBRT1040075 3/16" Bondstrand, 6/64" Insulation 2"
SBRT10515145 #6 Sol, Concentric 11/64" Insulation 2"
SBRT1067575 2/0 Ropelay, 6/64" Insulation 2"

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