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Portable Rail Grinder Grinding Wheel


  • Used with SBG141 Pedestal Rail Grinder and SBG150 Portable Rail Grinder, Two-Cycle Gas-Powered
  • Installs easily on the grinder
  • Enables good control of cleaning operations
  • Reduction of heat effect
  • Smooth finish on cleaned surface
  • For use with various type of surfaces
  • Helps to eliminate possible resin contamination on the cleaned surface, aiding the nVent ERICO Cadweld process


Material: Reinforced Resinoid-Bonded Zirconium
Beveled: Yes
Part Number Diameter Thickness
S2129 6" 1"
Beveled: No
Part Number Diameter Thickness
SB22122 6" 1"
SBS2333 6" 3/4"

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