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The ERICO ERICONTACT series of rail contacts provides a superior quality connection to the rail web with a very low contact resistance. The contacts are quickly and easily fitted by means of an insertion tool, regardless of weather conditions. All ERICO ERICONTACT components are manufactured according to high standards and norms. Tested to the most demanding requirements of the Rail Industry Standards, ERICO ERICONTACT is the ideal solution for mechanically applied connections such as signal engineering, earthing (grounding), or traction return current.

The ERICO ERICONTACT Double Rail Contact series offers connections on both sides of the rail web. This is a significant advantage when making interconnections in the station area, for example. The ERICO ERICONTACT Double Contact is ideal solution in confined spaces. With a clearance of only 50 mm between the rail heads, the ERICO ERICONTACT can still be inserted and the cable lug connected from both sides.

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