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Arc Weldable Bond


  • 19-strand concentric cable flash-welded to steel rod for a bonding connection to structural steel and to rebar
  • Economical alternative to exothermic welding when only a few connections need to be made and an arc welder is available on site
  • Rod is sized to match the ampacity of the cable for fault currents


Material: Copper; Steel
Part Number Conductor Size Cable Length Rod Size Rod Length
EWB2G9164 2/0 Stranded 4' 9/16" 8"
EWB2L584 3/0 Stranded 4' 5/8" 8"
EWB2Q344 4/0 Stranded 4' 3/4" 8"
EWBCS701 70 mm² Stranded 3' 1/2" 8"

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