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Tape Conductor


  • Lower impedance than equivalent sized round conductor
  • Used for lightning protection system downconductor or grounding applications


Material: Copper
Finish: Bare
Part Number WidthW ThicknessT LengthL Unit Weight
LPC172CTO 3/4" 8 GA 0.110 lb
A811A26F50 2" 26 GA 50' 0.152 lb
A811C20F20 3" 20 GA 20' 0.410 lb
A811C20F100 3" 20 GA 100' 0.410 lb
A811A26W4F500 4" 26 GA 500' 0.231 lb
Cut-to-order (CTO) lengths are available for an additional charge.
Unit weight is per meter (3.28').

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