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Signal Reference Grid


  • Provides a low impedance equipotential plane to protect sensitive electronic equipment from transient noise
  • Pre-engineered welded grid of 26 gauge copper strips reduces voltage differences between interconnected electronic equipment
  • Welded connections do not deteriorate, corrode or loosen with time
  • Can be easily field-welded to suit any size computer room
  • Complies with IEEE® Standard 1100-1992


Material: Copper
Part Number Length 1L1 Width 1W1 Grid SpacingL2 x W2 ThicknessT Strip Width
SRGBD100 100' 10' 24" x 24" 0.016" 2"
SRGBE100 100' 12' 24" x 24" 0.016" 2"
SRGBG100 100' 16' 24" x 24" 0.016" 2"
Custom sizes available upon request. Contact your nVent ERICO representative for more information.

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