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Joint Bond T9 Mold Welder Frame Assembly, Power


  • Replacement welder frame assembly for T9 joint bond welders
  • Includes frame with mold lid, mold handle, mold cleaner and flint ignitor


Material: Graphite; Steel; Thermoplastic
Rail Type: 85 lb to 141 lb T-Rail Sections
Bond Terminal Style: C
Part Number Conductor Size Conductor Outer Diameter, Nominal Welder Style Orientation
PBCT92JLHX 2/0 Ropelay 0.48" T9 Left Hand Assembly
PBCT92JRHX 2/0 Ropelay 0.48" T9 Right Hand Assembly
PBCT92SLHX 4/0 Ropelay 0.61" T9 Left Hand Assembly
PBCT92SRHX 4/0 Ropelay 0.61" T9 Right Hand Assembly
PBCT92WLHX 250 kcmil Ropelay 0.75" T9 Left Hand Assembly
PBCT92WRHX 250 kcmil Ropelay 0.75" T9 Right Hand Assembly
PBCT92WX 250 kcmil Ropelay 0.75" T9 Left and Right Hand Assembly

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