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TCB Threaded Busbar With Fixing Hole


  • End holes can be used to fix busbar to a support or connect the main input conductor
  • Heavy-duty power connection
  • Circuit breaker, generator and prefabricated power network conductor
  • Alternative to large and multiple cables
  • Earth/ground connection
  • Power distribution
  • Rounded edges


Material: Copper
Part Number Article Number WidthW ThicknessT LengthL Hole SizeHS Thread SizeTS TorqueTQ A Unit Weight
TCB20X10-1M 550290 0.79" 0.39" 39.37" 0.39" M8 17.70 ft lb 0.98" 3.68 lb
TCB30X10-1M 550180 1.18" 0.39" 39.37" 0.39" M8 17.70 ft lb 0.98" 5.51 lb
TCB30X10-2M 550160 1.18" 0.39" 78.74" 0.39" M8 17.70 ft lb 0.98" 11.90 lb

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