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Portable Ground Rod Kit


  • Segmented portable ground rod kit specified by the United States military
  • Each of the three ground rod sections is 3’ (0.91 m) long, thus creating a total depth of 9’ (2.74 m) of earth grounding
  • All accessories are provided in the kit to assemble the portable ground
  • 6’ (1.83 m) of copper grounding cable connected to the rod, makes for an easy connection to a vehicle or other item requiring a ground


Part Number
Kit Includes: 3 sectional copper-bonded ground rods - 5/8" x 3" (190.5 mm x 0.91 m), 3 threaded couplers, 1 drive stud, 1 heavy duty ground rod clamp, Tang and collar lugs, and 6' (1.83 m) of #6 copper wire.

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