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Wind Turbine Blade Surface Receptors

Wind turbines are subjected to some of the harshest weather and environmental conditions possible. Their remote locations and ever-increasing size make them the tallest structure in their vicinity and dramatically increase the probability of being struck by lightning. Because of these factors, it is often not a matter of “if” but “when” a wind turbine will be struck by lightning.

To help prevent damage and minimize the need for costly repairs and downtime, ERICO has developed a wind turbine blade lightning protection system. ERICO lightning receptors are designed to protect the turbine blades and attract the lightning strike to a preferred attachment point. The system is designed to help minimize the probability of streamer initiation inside of the blade where the receptors serve as the strike termination device and earthing conductor connection point. The highest voltage stress in ERICO’s system is located at the external facing receptor disk while the conductive components internal to the blade are insulated and shielded to minimize the electrical field stress. This helps reduce the likelihood of launching an upward leader from within the blade and damaging the blade structure.

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